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For a limited time – and a special price – Blog Assistant Media is helping you prepare your Pinterest for the influx in holiday pinning. It’s about to get crazy, ya’ll.

After you’ve submitted payment and your login credentials, we will take a before screenshot so you can visualize the difference.

As we work on your account, you are free to continue pinning as you normally would but please note that board names are subject to changes. If you have an automated pinning program running such as Tailwind, Ahalogy, or BoardBooster, we suggest monitoring the board names so you can update those OR pausing those services. If you need to pause, please let us know and we will work on your account as a top priority. We know your pinning is important and we don’t want you to lose any traffic.

During our work we will be:

  • Editing board names
  • Editing board descriptions and categories if necessary
  • Changing board cover images
  • Reorganizing the order of your boards so when someone clicks to your profile, they see the best first

Please note that we cannot change anything on Group Boards that you do not own. If you do own any Group Boards, please inform us of their names and whether or not you want us to work on them.

If you have any boards that can not be changed, such as boards specific to sponsored campaigns or for other reasons, again, let us know and we will leave those as is.

Depending on the number of boards your account has, this will take a few hours to a few days. We will update you on progress as well as any questions that we have.

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